Spooky season

Halloween is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: dress up in scary costumes, decorate your house as spooky as possible and get ready for trick-or-treating.

Whether you're wandering around houses asking for sweets or sours yourself or waiting for creepy visitors, you'll need spooky sweets to make the fun complete!

Hello dear creepy guests, ever had dinner with skeletons? Get inspired by our vampire themed table for your Halloween party!

Enter the ghoulish world of scary costumes. We've rounded up the scariest and most hair-raising costumes to make you the ultimate horror this season. Don't just dress up - haunt the night!

Discover our creepy ceramics and dive into a cauldron of enchanting designs and bewitching brews. Your favourite drink is now even spookier!

Get ready for a spooky and beautiful Halloween! Discover spooky decorations and delicious treats that will take your Halloween celebrations to a whole new level of fun.

Get ready to put your creativity to the test with our spooky DIY Halloween crafts! Grab your craft materials and let the spooky and beautiful creations begin!

Rediscover comfort, style, and functionality as you embrace the joy of moving back inside. Get inspired and elevate your home with our collection!

From fun calendars to clever stationery, we have everything you need to make organisation a fun and rewarding adventure. Embrace the art of organising!

Your home should be your place of well-being. Design it as your retreat and relax as you soak in the cozy atmosphere. Let the journey to a calm and peaceful home begin!

Discover a world of possibilities for a smooth transition from the holiday season to school. Be productive and enjoy back to school with us!

Get back into the swing of things with our comprehensive guide on returning to routines, focusing on back-to-university and office products.

Are you thirsty for knowledge? Our blog covers various categories, from simple DIYs to helpful tips and tricks. Are you already curious? Try it out and let yourself be inspired! It's worth checking back regularly, because we keep uploading new blog pages.

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As the golden leaves begin to fall and the crisp air of autumn sets in, our palates crave the warm, comforting flavours that this season brings. From spiced lattes to hearty soups, autumn is a time to embrace the rich and robust tastes that nature offers. In this blog, we'll journey through five delightful snacks that encapsulate the essence of autumn.

Mmh, pumpkins and pancakes! Two things that, at first glance, might seem as mismatched as wearing wellies with a ball gown. But, darling readers, in the whimsical world of Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we believe in the unexpected. So, why not marry the autumnal charm of pumpkins with the breakfast royalty that is the pancake?

As the leaves turn a brilliant shade of amber and the European autumn breeze begins to carry a hint of frost, our four-legged companions might start to feel the nip in the air. But fear not, dear pet parents! With the right clothing and accessories for dogs, you can ensure your beloved canine remains snug and sprightly during those crisp morning walks.

As the golden hues of autumn leaves begin to grace our doorsteps and the air takes on that familiar crispness, it's not just time to pull out those cosy jumpers; it's also time to clean and prepare our homes for the cooler months ahead. In this article, we'll delve into the art of autumn cleaning, wardrobe organisation, and more.

Do you fancy a journey into a world brimming with cosiness and warmth? Well, dust off your teacups and fluff up your cushions, because today we're diving into the beautiful Danish world of 'hygge'. So, ready to brew yourself a cup of hygge lifestyle with a dash of Flying Tiger Copenhagen charm?

Autumn, that magical time when nature dons its most flamboyant attire, and we, in turn, seek the warmth and comfort of our homes. But what if our homes could mirror the enchantment of the season outside? Enter Flying Tiger Copenhagen, your one-stop shop for all things autumnal.


Check out our brilliant beginner’s guide for a custom-made beanie hat.

Get tips for upcycling, say hello to reusable alternatives, explore our eco-consciousness starter kits and learn why materials matter.

The devil is in the detail. Find your personal style and spruce up your space with home accessories.

Once a year it’s every kid’s special day, and you’d better rise to the occasion. Get tips and inspiration for decorations, entertainment, party themes and wait – the birthday cake!


We’ve compiled a couple of our DIY tutorials and some crafting inspiration – check it all out and get creative together!

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