Home styling ideas

Explore 3 interior design styles, get tips for origami and flower pressing – and a quiz to discover your favourite home style!

Enrich your home with accessories that set the scene and allow you to shine – you know, flash your personality and show who you are. The devil is in the detail, and if you follow your heart, you can’t fail.

Light up your life! Put up a sign or create a personal statement and make sure your message gets through.

Take our style quiz to find out your home decorating style.

DIY is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and easier than you think. Leave a personal mark on your interior with dried pressed flowers. We’ve made a tutorial that tells you how to press flowers and create your own piece of art for your walls.

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Get inspired by our followers' fabulous home décor style.
Scandi style, catchy and colourful or a warm earth palette? Origami is a hit regardless of which interior design style you swear by. Let homemade paper decorations shine on your bookshelf, next to the flowerpots on your window sill, or let them brighten up your desk.
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