Starter kits for a conscious living

By Trine Pondal
Head of Sustainability and Social Responsability

By Trine Pondal
Head of Sustainability and Social Responsability

Keen to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your personal environmental impact? We hear you! But where to begin, that’s the thing….

To make it a bit easier we’ve created an array of green starter kits, so you can make an eco-conscious lifestyle come true.

And if you wonder why some products are greener than others, we totally understand. So, we’ve created this easy-read article that describes why some materials are more eco-conscious than others.

Eco-conscious travel kit

We’ve carefully chosen eco-conscious must-haves for your next holiday or weekend away. Check out our pack list and feel good when you close your suitcase.

The travel kit contains:

- Bamboo toothbrush holder
- Bamboo pocket mirror with cotton string
- Bamboo hairbrush
- 3-digit combination padlocks in metal
- Reusable cotton pads
- Unbleached paper tissues

Pro-travel tip: When you pack, you may want to consider smaller items made of light-weight materials (e.g. the bamboo hairbrush above). This will lower the overall weight of your luggage, making room for other stuff, or simply to make your suitcase easier to carry.

Eco-conscious party starter kit

Let’s get this eco-conscious party started! And don’t worry, a green celebration does not rule out happy colours and festive decorations (but you may have to kiss foil balloons goodbye…).

We’ve gathered together a bunch of our eco-conscious party products that are always available online and in our stores. As you can see, we’ve replaced plastic and single-use items with FSC-certified paper décor and other party items you can use again and again.

Read more about FSC and sustainable forestry here.

This party kit contains:

- Cake picks
- Reusable straws
- Paper gift bags
- Paper garland
- Card
- Stick costume props

Eco-conscious fun

Great toys don’t have to be made of plastic to be fantastic. We’ve lots of wooden toys and playful products made of eco-conscious materials.

But what about safety, you may ask! We want to you to know that safety is the most important thing to us. We want you to feel safe when you buy our toys and give them to someone you love. All our toys are CE-marked and have been tested according to the European Toy Safety Directive at an independent third-party laboratory.

You can read more about child safety and how we play it safe here.

Eco-conscious kitchen

There’re many things you can do besides saving your food leftovers and separating your recycling from your general waste. You’ll be doing the planet a huge favour if you skip single-use products and surround yourself with circular materials and naturally grown resources. Glass and stainless steel are circular materials that can be endlessly reused, and seaweed, bamboo and wood are renewable materials.

This eco-conscious kit contains:

- Reusable chopsticks
- Press pot made from stainless steel
- Wooden washing-up brush and a replacement head
- Wooden scraping spatula with durable silicone
- Reusable straws, incl. cleaning brush
- Wooden cutting board

If you’re hungry for more tips for a green cuisine, check out how you can reuse your old teabags and upcycle your empty tin cans.

Eco-conscious wellness

A neck massage, a fresh shave, a pedicure to treat your tired feet. Taking care of yourself is time well spent, and if you choose which materials you use carefully, you’ll be doing the planet a favour too. You can always find a wide range of green personal care products online and in our stores. Read more about our FSC here.

This wellness kit contains:

- Bamboo cotton buds
- Massage roller
- Nail brush for foot care
- Hairbrush in bamboo
- Natural sponge
- Foot file

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Sustainable forests

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