Create a bottle airplane

Alpha Bravo, Delta. Thirsty for a new DIY adventure? Turn off the TV and put your electronic devices on flight mode – we’re about to show you how the kids can make their own toy plane from an empty plastic bottle. Upcycling plastic has never felt more fantastic!

How to

What you will need

Napkins Party Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Origami paper.
Pom poms.

How to

Time: 20 minutes  Age: From 8 years old  Difficulty: Easy-peasy (but be careful with the knife!)

1. Take the scissors and adjust the sticker so it fits the bottle.  

2. Cover the bottle with the sticker.

3. Now take the hobby knife and cut two horizontal openings, following the dotted lines.  

4. Insert the wing component and the four tails through the bottle.

5. Pop on the propeller!

6. Kids! Your plastic bottle aeroplane is now ready for take-off!

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