Did you know

5 things we care about  

Here is a story about five things that are important to us. It’s about our products, our green journey and how we see the world.

Did you know that we test all our products?

We want you to feel safe when you use our products and when you give them to someone you care about. All our products are tested and free from unwanted chemistry.

Did you know that we’re going greener?

We care about our planet and we’re constantly looking for more sustainable ways to do our business. We’ve embarked on a green journey together with all our products.

Did you know that a richer life doesn’t cost a fortune?

Whether we are designing extraordinary products for everyday life, or making everyday products look extraordinary, we want to bring you something that can bring you closer to someone else. Because real value lies not in the products we own, but in the experiences we share.

Did you know that we design our own products?

We don’t design to make products look nice, we design to make people feel good. We’ve our own award-winning design team who creates many of our products. We love good design and want to make it affordable to everyone.

Did you know that your safety is our most important thing?

Meet Martin Jermiin, CEO at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and hear how we play it safe and take good care of you.